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Ending Mercantilism

     *An Essay*
Find and Fix The Real Problems
By Wayne Jett © April 29, 2019

     Some of the most literate among us seem unaware that neither the American nor the global economic system is capitalism. Evidence is irrefutable that we are the subjects of a monstrous socio-economic system called mercantilism, imposed for centuries by a global cabal of ruling families once called “kingmakers.” Yet media speakers and writers insist capitalism is the culprit and must be radically reformed or – dare we say – decapitated. Doing as they advise would be akin to convicting a defendant of a crime despite clear proof of mistaken identity.

Mercantilism Rules The Swamp

     In 2019, nearly all significant economic activity on Earth is dominated by that “powerful pecuniary force which writes laws and molds thoughts” in every nation, as Henry George warned the world in 1880. Would anyone suggest that the Rothschild families were internationally powerful and dominating in 1815, and in 1880, but not today? Of course not. Their wealth, power and influence have grown immensely during the 20th and 21st Centuries as their blueprint for global domination has been put into place.

     Does anyone wish to argue that, while the Rothschild and allied families were mercantilists in the 18th and 19th Centuries, they have now emerged as capitalists in the 20th and 21st Centuries? Surely not. But, if you do, produce your evidence. It will be found lacking.

     Thanks in part to The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now, historical evidence solidly proves the mercantilist global cabal has fiercely pursued to the present its announced objectives to destroy entirely the middle class (which consists of all productive workers and their families), to end the “great grey mass of democracy,” and to exterminate all humans they do not wish to serve them as slaves.

Mercantilists Never Became Capitalists

     Surely no one will contend that the Rothschild and other cabalist parties suddenly became capitalist, no longer mercantilist, back in the 19th Century merely by using the corporate form of business organization. Corporations were and are widely used by middle class producers to raise capital necessary to compete with the mercantilists. But corporations also afford limited liability protection mercantilists desire. Corporate or other forms of business organization is not a defining characteristic exclusive to capitalism.

     Again, consider the evidence – the proof – that the U. S. economy and other principal economies of the world today are mercantilist, not capitalist. The currency of the U. S. and the world is the U. S. dollar, which is created, managed and issued by a privately owned central bank called the Federal Reserve. A majority of shares of the Fed are owned by banks controlled by the Rothschild and allied families. Nearly every other nation worldwide has a Rothschild bank dominating its financial affairs, except the few able and willing to fight the occupation. The power contained within the license to create currency used as legal tender is beyond the comprehension of those unschooled in the practices involved, which includes all of us on the outside.

Recent Federal Reserve Misdeeds

     During 1996-2000, the Federal Reserve secretly created economic conditions which drove the Tech Crash of 2000-2002. The Fed sharply deflated the dollar, causing prices of oil and other spot-priced commodities to drop sharply, thereby driving investment capital out of basic industries and into high-tech ventures. The crash was on as soon as tech companies ran out of customers able to buy their products – early March, 2000 – which coincided with the time Goldman Sachs secretly adopted a new practice allowing its hedge fund clients to place their own trading orders.

     Those hedge funds immediately began falsely marking their short sales as long sales. This deceptive practice enabled the hedge fund traders to evade enforcement of the “up-tick rule,” which was adopted by the SEC in 1938 to prevent short-sale attacks designed to destroy share prices as occurred in the Great Crash of 1929. Those trading practices on Goldman Sachs trading platforms continued until early October, 2002, meaning they were used for the entire duration of the Tech Crash.

     We learned this in March, 2007, when the Securities & Exchange Commission fined Goldman Sachs $7 million for failure to supervise its trading platforms. The amount of the fine was likely exceeded by GS profits realized during the first hour of the 30-month Tech Crash. By the time the SEC announced the case and its settlement, the CEO of Goldman Sachs during the Tech Crash had been appointed Secretary of the Treasury and “economic czar” by the George W. Bush administration, so he was positioned to quarterback the financial terrorism of 2008 from a position of power superior to the SEC inside the federal government.

Impure Mercantilism

     Which part of this experience and practice is capitalism? None of it. Neither is it capitalism which imposes escalating rates of taxes on earned income (the hallmark of productive people who support themselves, known as the “middle class”). Nor is it capitalism which shelters the wealth and earnings of cabalist families in “charitable foundations” never molested by federal tax authorities. But the IRS hounds middle class groups such as “Tea Party” and National Rifle Association endlessly.

     Capitalism has no part in promoting the heinous agenda to destroy unborn human life in the womb. Abortion on demand is a concept spawned by operatives of the global ruling cabal to curb growth in human population. The cabal’s detestation of humanity and national representative governments has been expressly announced and demonstrated in so many ways.

     Recently this mercantilist agenda moved inexorably (another hallmark of cabalist power and influence) to a deeper level of evil, as a sitting Virginia governor (and former medical practitioner) told Americans “how it works” when a newborn child is delivered. He stated that the baby is placed on a bedside table, “made comfortable” and resuscitated, if necessary, while the doctor discusses with the mother what is to be done with the baby. With black-market prices for a newborn infant’s organs, fluids and tissues alleged to be six digits and rising, the bedside discussion almost assuredly touches upon financial considerations in many cases.

Middle Class In The Breach

     Capitalism has no such agenda to impose upon the people. Capitalists view people as potential customers, not as victims or targets. Capitalism does not seek to depose, disable or disenfranchise the middle class. Capitalism is the economic system of the middle class! Capitalism enables the middle class to exist, to function and to grow. Classical economic theory – also called “the theory of the firm” – was the foundation on which capitalism was built to power the growth of the middle class.

     At the outset, minds should be cleared of the mistaken impression that “middle class” denotes mediocre, non-descript, unremarkable or unsuccessful persons among us. On the contrary, those first honored by the designation “middle class” were those who stood their ground on premises of their claim to inviolable rights as humans conferred on them by their Creator, meaning they were not born to be the slave of any ruler. This declaration and hard-won successes in fighting to establish its premises as reality created the honored, all-important class – neither ruler nor slave – called the “middle class.” It’s creation and subsequent achievements have made enormous differences in human conditions in the world.

     One of the big ideas in the theory of the firm disclosed by Adam Smith in his 1776 book An Inquiry Into The Nature and Causes Of The Wealth of Nations involved sharply improved efficiencies in production to be achieved by specialization in manufacturing tasks, as illustrated by practical results achieved in a pin factory. Smith, a University of Glasgow professor, did not originate the concept of specialization – that was done by workers and managers at the pin factory or some other small firm. Smith noted the valuable insight during a visit to the factory and called it to attention around the world.

     The Wealth of Nations caught the attention of political leaders in the British Parliament, in Europe and in America. Public policies friendlier to enterprises of commoners eventually were achieved. By 1850, Karl Marx observed the remarkable progress – unmatched in all history – of capitalism’s success in raising millions of people out of poverty within scarcely more than a century.

     Capitalism remains an engine available today to raise millions more from poverty, fueled by their natural human desires to achieve and to acquire. As from its beginnings, capitalism is capable of expanding the middle class today. The economic policy goal of capitalism is “a rise in the level of all boats,” as President John F. Kennedy phrased it.

Premises, Practices and Objectives of Mercantilism

     Mercantilism is the name assigned by economists and historians to the socio-economic system imposed upon Western Civilization by the global ruling cabal already mentioned through hundreds of years to and including the 19th Century. Then in 1901, the cabal announced to its acolytes its intentions regarding resolution of its state of alarm about the burgeoning middle class.

     The cabal’s announcement was made somewhat discretely in a small book authored by a little-known British writer of horror stories and science fiction, H. G. Wells. The book was called Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought, an off-putting, intellectual title designed to limit readership to those aware of its actual topics. Those topics were the cabal’s long held agenda to achieve and exercise “full power,” which involves broader, more comprehensive concerns than mere exploitation of markets. Thus, issues connected with the influence of mercantilism have included political, military, social, financial and governmental capabilities since before the concept was named.

     How does mere capitalism – a much younger, largely production management construct consisting of individuals seeking to support themselves and families – contend with such a multi-headed monster as mercantilism? The answer, of course, is with great trepidation and important setbacks. To illustrate, consider the mercantilist murders of U. S. presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley during the half-century after Marx acknowledged capitalism’s astonishing progress in providing footpaths out of poverty for millions of people.

     The cabal’s world outlook, objectives and practices remain so hostile and inimical towards human society they must be concealed and misrepresented for the most part. Their primary deception is to present themselves and their methods as capitalist, although both of these can be traced to the kingmakers of centuries past.

Contemporary Mercantilism

     Mercantilist organizations usually fall into four identifiable categories:

      A.    Giant business firms dominating their markets;

     B.   Discreet, understated business firms attracting little public attention, but with financial resources and business  affairs beyond expectations or public awareness;

     C.    Black box (sometimes deep state) operations with significant implications for society, sometimes in league with government(s) and sometimes not; and

    D.   Underground, illicit racketeering and anti-social operations involving trafficking in humans or parts thereof, drugs, weapons and other criminal activities.

   Markets or profit centers the cabalist organizations exploit include transportation (auto, air, rail, space, underground, etc.), technology, chemical, agriculture, defense (war), health (drugs, vaccines, abortions, communicable diseases) and others found useful as tools to achieve cabal goals.

     Mercantilism is so strikingly different from capitalism – indeed, it is the opposite in such fundamental respects – confusion in distinguishing between the two is shocking. But confusion exists nonetheless, due partly to the power of mercantilists to control media communications and public debate.

     The little book of 1901 called Anticipations … made H. G. Wells a celebrity in the palaces of Europe and, deplorably, in the White House of numerous American presidents beginning with Theodore Roosevelt. The book explained in detail to insiders the cabal’s plan to destroy the middle class completely worldwide, and to use wars, diseases, poisons and any newly found means to reduce human population back to the manageable levels of the former two-class system of rulers and slaves.

     Why bother to bring all of this to attention now? The answer lies partly in the fact that the mercantilist global cabal achieved much of its declared intentions during the 20th Century, although it remains behind schedule in its plans for population reduction. This is largely unknown by the public because the cabal controls essentially all major media outlets in America, as elsewhere, thereby still “writing laws and molding thoughts” much as Henry George described in 1880. This explains why we have a current media drumbeat calling for actions to “fix capitalism,” “reform capitalism” or “end capitalism!”

     This is precisely the manner, as Henry George told us, in which the cabal controls the public debate so that people are endlessly led in the wrong directions towards actions and solutions which do nothing to fix the actual problems. What the public needs to understand presently is that our goal needs to be to end mercantilism – not to reform or to end capitalism.

Ending Mercantilism

     When we know it is mercantilism which must be stopped, we know better where to look and what to do. We end the Federal Reserve and return to the constitutionally required system of sound money tied to gold and silver. By doing so, we eliminate the outrageous central banking practices which put uncounted trillions of dollars into cabal pockets for use in buying real assets worldwide.

     We bust the cabal’s operations in human trafficking and drug trafficking, and their banks which facilitate those practices by laundering funds. We confiscate their immense stores of wealth gained from those crimes and their secret practices in acquiring assets with their fiat currencies.

     We stop the geoengineering practices actively destroying the natural environment and climate worldwide, including in America, by their spraying tremendous tonnages of micron-sized metal particles and electro-magnetic irradiation of all living things. Capitalism does not do geoengineering – mercantilism does! The United Nations (its New York headquarters provided by the Rockefellers) is entirely mercantilist in its objectives, and manages geoengineering worldwide to produce environmental and climate shocks, disease and death, while simultaneously promoting major taxes to “save” the environment.

Save The Middle Class And The Environment

     All reformers of capitalism who are well along the path towards “saving the environment” should focus on this. Those who promote the environmental narrative are the same global cabal who “did” the Influenza of 1918, the Great Depression, the Tech Crash and the financial atrocities of 2008, plus every war of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Their narratives are designed to achieve their own long-term objective: to exterminate the entire middle class.

Are you confident that you and your loved ones will make the cut when the cabal gets down to its remaining two classes: (1) rulers and (2) slaves? And, if you are, are you truly confident about which of the two classes you will occupy?

     The opposing forces arrayed today on the battlefield of the world are, in essence, the mercantilist forces of the global cabal versus the capitalist forces of the middle class. This is the case in America, in the former “commonwealth” countries, England, Ireland, Scotland and each nation of Europe, Asia and Africa. President Trump and his allied forces lead the battle to save the middle class, and the action presently is fierce.

     A key insight for the success of republican government is that the truth learned at any cost lowers all other costs, provided the society enjoys freedoms of communication and action to know the truth and to act upon it. In America, the founders of our constitutional republic protected these freedoms as bestowed by our Creator and not to be infringed by government edicts, most importantly with the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of speech, press and assembly, the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to bear arms, and the Fifth Amendment’s prohibitions against government denial of due process or the taking of private property.

     The cabal which imposes mercantilism on the world uses every contrivance – including selection of their operatives to serve as justices of the U. S. Supreme Court – to subvert the natural rights and the constitutional rights of Americans. Defeat and destruction of the cabal globally, if achieved, will end mercantilism and will be the most significant victory for humanity in 2000 years.