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Economy In Transition

From Mercantilism Towards Capitalism
By Wayne Jett © March 3, 2019

     The Storm that seemed imminently arriving last September provided some blowing and bluster, but ultimately may be remembered as only the outer swirls of the tempest to come. Mid-term elections came without major revelations about the former Democrat administration or the Clinton campaign. Election tallies returned House leadership to the wealthy, aging matriarch of San Francisco and Napa Valley, Nancy Pelosi. What economic influences and conditions can we expect to affect Americans in 2019?

The Storm vs. The Global Cabal

     Recall what the Storm is about. President Trump and those who assisted his rise to political power are intent upon uprooting and destroying the global cabal of ruling elite. The cabal used its financial and political powers throughout the 20th Century in a concerted campaign to destroy the great middle class of productive, self-supporting people worldwide.

     The cabalist campaign intensified during the first 16 years of the 21st Century with the 9/11 false flag attack on the World Trade Center, a burgeoning police state in America, endless wars by U. S. and other western militaries against governments inhospitable to the cabal, and two orchestrated financial crashes within ten years consisting of the “Tech Crash” of 2000-2002 and the “financial terrorism” of 2008. Then came Obama’s two terms of higher taxes, equal or greater corruption, and the easily recognizable mercantilist practices called “crony capitalism.”

     This occurred within a mercantilist economic system the global cabal has developed and imposed on nations for at least 500 years. And what are the most prominent representatives of this mercantilist system in America? Those are the “too big to fail” banks of Wall Street, who were recipients of the $700 billion bailout using taxpayer funds in 2008. The same favored banks received many billions more confiscated from competing firms (Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros., Washington Mutual and others) by federal authorities and given to Chase Bank and other “TBTFs” as rescuers of the public interest.

     All of this is prelude to what is occurring in the American economy now. Notable intervening events include the 2016 election of President Donald Trump and his subsequent use of emergency executive powers against the global cabal attacking their engagement in human trafficking and corruption. The presidential national emergency declared effective December 21, 2017, froze assets of all persons and organizations identified in an attached exhibit list, which reportedly has grown very long and includes major members of the cabal.

     Effects of this presidentially declared national emergency included prompt resignations of many executives of major corporations and other influential organizations worldwide. Also, an unprecedented number of federal indictments have been filed under seal in federal district courts throughout the U. S., now numbering 82,324, including 5,832 in the past month. Criminal indictments filed under seal usually involve evidence and/or criminal activities still under investigation or pending prosecution.

Effects of “The Storm” on the Economy

      The TBTF Wall Street banks are the most powerful financial agents of the global cabal in America. That is so because cabal members, principally the Rothschilds, placed sufficient assets in those banks to dominate the American economy and then to assure their majority control of the private central bank (the Federal Reserve) from its outset. If the historic counter-assault against the global cabal goes forward and succeeds, how is it likely to affect the American economy?

     With such enormous assets committed to exploitation of markets in America, and control of the Fed as a coordinator, ally and/or backstop of their plays, the Wall Street banks have taken for themselves slices of the pie in every market unmatched by any rival. They are the gatekeepers who must be paid major commissions and share set-asides negotiated (on their terms), of course, by any corporation seeking to raise capital from the public for building a large business enterprise.

     The cabalist (TBTF) Wall Street banks have participated in every major business venture in every market sector (electric power, petroleum, automobiles, airplanes, computers, construction, railroads, and on and on), investing and building their assets on the foundations of financial and political monopoly. Occasionally, as in 2008, they have pulled down and cannibalized one or more members of their pack. But, inexorably, they have added to the already greatly concentrated wealth accumulated by the Rothschild empire and other cabal members.

     Now we confront the potential impact on this enormous financial power center of “the Storm” forecast in 2017 and said to be commencing in 2018 as a consequence and objective of the Donald Trump presidency. The Storm has been described as aiming to uproot and to destroy the global elitist cabal worldwide. Indeed, assertions have been made here that the campaign to accomplish those objectives is underway and making significant progress.

     If this is so, is it not obvious that the Storm will have important impacts upon the structure and components of the markets and economy in America? Yes, of course, if important cabalists are found to be engaged in criminal activities of the nature widely alleged (which by no means are limited to mere monopolization or collusion on interest rates), their assets are subject to being frozen in their accounts and seized. Such outcomes could significantly affect the control, ownership and stability of Wall Street banks, and thus the manner and means of financing American business and industry.

Shrinking Wall Street – Growing Main Street

     What evidence of current economic changes can be called to attention? On the macro scale of national data, the president’s State of the Union address to Congress cited positive indicators including more Americans employed than ever before, and the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded in the U. S. for women, blacks and Hispanics. Jobs in steel production, auto manufacturing, oil production and refining, and agriculture are increasing within the U. S. due to renegotiation of international trade agreements with the aim of balancing the current account deficit.

     Negative indicators abound as well. On March 1, Zero Hedge published a synopsis of bad news compiled by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog showing national chain stores (financed by Wall Street but dependent upon prosperity across the nation) closing stores by the dozens, by the hundreds, even by the thousands, undoubtedly after driving many local competitors out of business. Eighteen important readings deliver negative business news, and – despite Trump’s progress in improving the economy – 2018 still ended as the 13th consecutive year with the GDP growth rate below 3%.

     The hard reality at this date is that, despite evidence some of us find persuasive, the president’s Storm against the global cabal is not fully reported and officially confirmed, and the cabal’s Wall Street TBTF banks remain dominant in America’s economy. The cabal’s Fed remains astride U. S. economic and monetary policy, with prospects for substantive reforms (like ending the Fed) remaining at unofficial, off-the-record stages.

     For this to change so ending the Fed moves to on-the-record policy, evidence must be released publicly of the cabal’s crimes and of actions taken against important miscreants. The Storm appears to be at a stage where such developments will occur in 2019 – even in this month of March – but they have not commenced. Much more delay and the cabal may get another chance to regain political power in 2020.

     What can be gained by decisive actions now, or by delayed actions? Such questions are best answered by complex gaming models, by policy experts qualified to use them, and by the “stable genius” in the White House.

From Mercantilism To Capitalism

     Presently America remains a mercantilist economy dominated by giant Wall Street banks owned and managed by a global cabal with financial resources beyond measure – unless those resources have been frozen and/or confiscated by presidential executive order. This we do not know with certainty. Until we do, clarity in diagnosing the causes of current economic maladies and their remedies will be lacking.

     One thing ought to be clear. Socialism has never been the answer to economic woes; it has been the global cabal’s recipe for subduing and dominating populations. Socialism in Hitler’s Germany; socialism in Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s USSR; socialism in the British Commonwealth and in the European Union; always socialism has been a design to subjugate populations as the cabal steals wealth flowing from productive energies.

     In the larger sense, Americans are still in the process of reclaiming control over government from the global cabal. While that remains underway, we cannot yet exercise full discretion in energizing our economy. But the highly significant fact is we are undertaking to regain lawful authority over both our government and our economy.

     If we do our utmost and succeed, Americans can avoid the abyss planned for us by the global cabal. And, with continued commitment, we may achieve social and individual opportunity – including economic success – of a quality not yet experienced in modern times.