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Defeat The Ruling Elite

And End the Federal Reserve
By Wayne Jett © February 7, 2018

     Financial markets are selling off after euphoric gains which followed Clinton’s failure to take the U. S. presidency. Predictably, mavens of Wall Street call for Federal Reserve action to save the economy. Anyone holding that opinion should take notice: while stock prices were rising, the real action was in the corridors of law, justice and national defense. A new sheriff in town is deposing the world’s ruling elite, who will no longer own or control their Federal Reserve.

     The Federal Reserve has been the creation and strong right arm of the ruling elite since 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson double-crossed his own voters by signing it into law. Today the Rothschild empire remains the controlling shareholder, with a reported 55% ownership of Fed shares. This will surprise many Americans, who are not told such things by controlled major media.

                                                             National Emergency Freezes Assets

     Since 12:01 am EST on December 21, 2017, a national emergency declared by President Trump has placed a hold on all assets of parties involved in “serious human rights abuse or corruption.” Some contend human rights abuse and corruption have been important components of Rothschild activities for many years and continue so today.

     The same may be said of others with important holdings in the Fed, including the Rockefeller empire. In such circumstances, known best by U. S. government agencies, ownership of Federal Reserve shares may be in dispute. As may ownership of other flagship enterprises of Wall Street, including major banks, hedge funds and wealth managers.

                                                            The Fed as Public Benefactor – NOT!

     Keeping focus on the Federal Reserve, those reading here are likely to understand already that the Fed has never served the public interest. When the Fed was “reformed” in 1935, a truly desperate time in America, the first act of the new Fed board controlled by FDR appointees in August, 1936, caused a banking crisis when there was none.

     For the supercilious excuse of needing to “show the banks who’s boss,” the Fed ordered that bank reserves be increased by 50%. This required many smaller banks to foreclose half their loans, even though the loans were performing . Collateral was liquidated at fire-sale prices, ruining borrowers and causing many bank failures. The Fed repeated this malevolent act six months later in January, 1937, by increasing bank reserves another 33%.

     More important even than regulatory damage is the Fed’s basic function to steal the value of all wealth created by working people. The Fed is given exclusive power by federal law to issue “Federal Reserve Notes,” pretending to promise payment of something of actual value equal to the labor, intellect, land or other asset exchanged for it. That promise, of course, has become so illusory most people today don’t even understand it exists.

     Even if the Fed’s “note” could be enforced to require payment by the Fed of something of value to the holder, the value of one dollar has already fallen 99% already since the Fed’s “note” replaced the dollar. The nearly total theft of the dollar’s value by the Fed as of this date has occurred without so much as a single honest, complete audit of the Fed’s activities. Such an institution is totally unworthy of being passed off by elected representatives as serving the public interest.

                                                                        America and Russia

     When presented the same “opportunity” as Woodrow Wilson, i.e., to create a privately owned central bank, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia declined. This decision almost certainly was due, at least in part, to the devout Christianity of the Tsar and his wife, each of whom read their Bible and prayed daily, usually on multiple occasions.

     The disappointed ruling elite orchestrated World War I in 1914, sabotaged operations of Russian military causing millions of casualties throughout the war, surrendered at the threshold of victory, inserted the Bolsheviks to take power in a “revolution,” pulled down the Tsar, assassinated the Tsar and his family, and proceeded with killing perhaps 60 million Christians of Russia during the periods of rule by Lenin and Stalin.

     After proceeding along significantly different paths during the past 100 years, Russia and America today have almost identical proportions of Christians in their national populations: about 81%. One might think of the two countries as natural allies, as they were at the time of the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and World War II. But the ruling elite played on both sides of each of those wars and the Cold War, and elitist objectives are not served by the U. S. and Russia being allies.

     This partly explains what is behind the current elitist campaign to blame Russia for Clinton’s failure to take power in the 2016 U. S. presidential election. The rest can be attributed to unmitigated lust for wealth, power and domination over all of humanity that characterizes the ruling elite – the self-described “superior class.”

                                                               Perseverance and Patience

     Deposing the ruling elite, if and when accomplished, will comprise the single greatest shift of power in world history. If you have been tempted to show impatience with this process that is barely one year old, please consider that the last outcome we need is one person going to prison, or even one person being executed, so that public interest dissipates. If we are to prevail over the elitist interests which have controlled the U. S. government so thoroughly for most of its existence, the job will take time and many people must pay for their crimes. Our parts are to be watchful and to assist others in understanding events as they proceed.