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Deep State Murdered JFK!

And Lied, Bribed and Killed to Cover Up
By Wayne Jett © November 3, 2017

     After 54 years of lying, killing witnesses and fabricating false evidence, the Deep State has suffered a set-back in hiding its guilt for the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Thanks to persistent orders by President Trump, the National Archives released the U. S. Surgeon General’s official autopsy of President Kennedy’s body, stating that the first shot entered the president’s throat from the front below the Adam’s apple.

     Official insistence that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to shoot the president from above and behind was undeniably false from the outset. President Kennedy was shot twice from the front – first through the throat, and then through the head. Oswald could not possibly have done that.

The Assassins and the Patsy

     Allen Dulles, longest serving director of the Central Intelligence Agency, had been forced out of that office by Kennedy for deception during the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, with the president vowing to smash the CIA “into a thousand pieces.” Yet Lyndon Johnson, the corrupt vice-president who ascended to the presidency within hours after the murder, appointed Dulles to the Warren Commission where cover-up of the truth proceeded apace.

     George H. W. Bush was a CIA operative of the Bay of Pigs invasion, and he was photographed at Dealey Plaza in Dallas on the day of the assassination. Bush was detained by Dallas law enforcement after the shooting, but was released within 24 hours at the insistence of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

     Congressman Gerald Ford of Michigan was another member of the Warren Commission appointed by Lyndon Johnson. During the second presidential term of Richard Nixon, Ford was appointed Vice President after Spiro Agnew resigned the office. Then Ford became president when Nixon resigned under pressure from the Deep State, who knew the Watergate break-in was a search for evidence relating to the Kennedy assassination.

     Arlen Specter, then a “counsel” to the Warren Commission and later elected U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania, concocted the infamous "single bullet theory.” Specter theorized that a single high-powered rifle shot by Oswald from a window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository changed directions multiple times to inflict a total of seven wounds found in President Kennedy and in Texas Governor John Connally. Connally was riding in the front seat with his wife and the driver, while Kennedy rode in the back seat of the limousine with the First Lady.

     Lee Harvey Oswald, by the weight of evidence, was not a shooter in the assassination, though he was there on assignment by the CIA. Earlier in 1963, he worked in New Orleans assisting a highly classified CIA medical research project seeking a lethal cancer virus for use in assassinations, reportedly intended for use against Castro. Oswald was removed from the project and sent to Dallas when a co-worker complained to a superior that a deadly virus had been tested successfully on an uninformed prisoner in Texas.

     Oswald was a patsy set up by the agencies with whom he worked – the CIA and the FBI – to take the rap as the lone assassin and to be assassinated himself. Oswald was shot to death while televised as he was moved within the Dallas jail, not by Jack Ruby as accused, but by an FBI agent for whom Ruby was promptly substituted out of view of the cameras.
They Got Away With It

     Fifty-four years of hiding the evidence prevented any arrest, conviction or punishment of the traitors and criminals planned and executed the heinous acts of murdering President Kennedy. The delay accomplished the passing from this life of many Americans who wept bitter tears for their loss and outrage at the brutal treatment of their president.

     Each moment of 54 years delay in the name of “national security” was applied to the eternal shame of American ideals and principles. The safety and well-being of the elected head of U. S. government was fatally compromised within the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA. Innocent witnesses were murdered with impunity. Guilty criminals rose in high public offices. The Deep State reveled in demonstrating there is no equal justice under law in America.

The Economic Lesson

     For those wishing to be clear about the economic and financial implications of all this, here is the essence of the lesson. The murder of President Kennedy and the ensuing cover-up confirm again that an insidious, hidden power (what Henry George in 1880 called “a powerful, pecuniary force”) still writes all laws and molds minds both here and abroad.  

     The U. S. economy is not capitalist; it is mercantilist – controlled by the kingmakers who place puppets on the throne of government power. This explains why every U. S. market is rigged and managed to assure the overwhelming success of the elite over every other class – upper, middle and lower. You may profit for a time by studying and mimicking their patterns of behavior, but under the present system they intend that in the end each and all of us will be their trophy.

Emerging from the Dungeon

     If ever we are to emerge from this subservient, slave-like state of affairs, our most favorable window of opportunity may be opening presently, with the support of multi-agency “white hats” and President Trump. We can be certain that the Deep State did not wish this incriminating evidence of President Kennedy’s murder ever to be divulged to the public. Yet we now have proof that all has been lies since November 22, 1963. “Conspiracy theorists” condemned all these years by the Deep State and its media puppets have been right in the most important respects.
     Sometime soon, re-check your thinking about how events really went down regarding the Gulf of Tonkin, RFK, MLK Jr., the attempted assassination of Reagan, the Branch Davidians, the OKC bombing, the preposterous official scenario of 9-11, Iraq’s WMDs, and on and on, right up to Las Vegas, the directed energy fires of Northern California, the vehicular killings in New York City, and beyond. Then find a conspiracy theorist to hug – perhaps the one in the mirror.