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Common Sense Survives

Elitists Remain Intent on Destruction
By Wayne Jett © January 24, 2012

    On Monday, a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show identified himself as a 48-year-old black man, a Democrat and a truck driver. More importantly, he distinguished himself as one who trusts the power of his own mind to distinguish fact from fiction, truth from lies, and right from wrong. Reliance on common sense is the foundation for humanity’s claims to individual liberty, dignity and opportunity. This is why common sense is presently, and always has been, under savage assault by those who aspire to be our rulers.
    The man’s name is Dennis, and he has a family which is "having a hard time" due to the rising prices of fuel and groceries. Dennis correctly perceives rising fuel prices are closely connected to rising prices of food and other necessities, because freight costs are important cost components of nearly everything we buy.
Making Rush’s Day
    This brings us to the reason Dennis called Limbaugh. Dennis said he heard Newt Gingrich a few weeks ago describe President Barack Obama’s decision to stop construction of the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Cushing, Oklahoma, as “utterly stupid.” Not many years ago, Dennis would have heard such a derisive comment as a racist put-down of another black man.
    With his daily exposures to practical effects of fuel and food prices, however, Dennis felt compelled to grapple with the truth of the Keystone positions of Obama and Gingrich as “a matter of conscience.” He knew two facts with a high degree of certainty. Construction of Keystone would bring tens of thousands of jobs to Americans who are presently unemployed and desperate. Secondly, Keystone would bring millions of barrels of crude oil into the U. S. at low cost of transport compared to Middle East oil.
    Clearly, construction of Keystone without further delay would benefit Dennis and his family, plus many other Americans. How, then, could he make a case that Obama was right to stop the project? Dennis realized he could not. Indeed, he realized he was grateful to Gingrich for speaking so sharply on behalf of Americans in his position.
Thinking It Through
    Dennis perceives Obama’s disapproval of Keystone as politically motivated response to objections by environmentalists. He reasons that Obama made a political decision to cause suffering and deprivation among many Americans in order to pacify those who worry about the well-being of nature and the planet. On the facts known to Dennis, this is sound reasoning. But hidden facts present an even darker picture of Obama’s motive or, more precisely, the motive of those who determine presidential policies.
    The dominant elite – the same mercantilists who loot with impunity in U. S. capital markets – aim to destroy the productive (middle) class. Thus, Dennis’ family and others in his position are not merely collateral damage to environmentalist concerns – they are the primary targets of the dominant elite. Environmentalism is merely the alibi for destructive actions taken against the productive class.
    Obama almost surely knows this. He feigns affinity with Africans, black Americans, Christians and Muslims, but identifies most closely with the ruling elite who put him in office. Why else has he given their operatives every significant post in his administration? Certainly it was not because he is a man of the people.
How Best to Organize
    Dennis urges Republican leadership to seize the Keystone project and to place it in the forefront of election campaign politics in responding to the State of the Union address. Here is a man who knows what is right and how best to pursue that outcome. If only political leadership can throw off the bonds of elitist domination while occupying offices entrusted to them by the people.
    Dennis has not decided whether to remain a Democrat or to change parties, and it is well he should consider carefully. He has shown capability to identify his best interests and how to pursue them. Perhaps he can do his best by insisting upon common sense policies in the platform of that party.
    In making his decision, Dennis should consider that Democratic Party leadership is entirely compromised by influences of the dominant elite, and has been since the election of Franklin Roosevelt. Republican Party leadership was, at the time, already home territory of the dominant elite when FDR delivered the Democratic Party.
    The productive class made historic progress in 1964 by beating the elitists’ own Nelson Rockefeller at the Republican Party convention with Barry Goldwater. No comparable success has been scored in the Democratic Party. Nonetheless, either party has difficulty nominating any candidate opposed by money and apparatus of the dominant elite, and much greater difficulty electing any such candidate to office.
    We who subscribe to the American ideals of liberty, justice for all and fair reward on merit should permit no role for elitists who would dominate either of the major political parties. This leaves Dennis with a daunting task as either a Democrat or a Republican, so he should proceed according to his judgment about where he may best advance his views and interests. So should we all. ~