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Budget Bill Fake-Out

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
By Wayne Jett © March 26, 2018

     Public uproar among supporters of President Donald Trump over his signing of the Omnibus Budget Bill arises from poor understanding of the political, financial and military battles in progress and on the horizon. Each reader of the past four reports issued here at Classical Capital (commencing with TRUMP’S STORM BEGINS on Dec. 29, 2017) sees the OBB as merely a necessary tactic in the counter-coup against the swamp creatures. Indeed, you may rest assured that Trump will turn even this financial monstrosity into an important win for the people before the money is out the door.

                                                                                OBB Does Not Trump the Storm

     Trump and those behind him know their counter-coup plans, including timetables, for moving against the ruling elite and their swamp creature operatives. Permitting those operatives to achieve a federal government shutdown for lack of spending authority would limit the president’s capabilities for using government agencies during this crucial phase of the Storm. Simultaneously, a shutdown would have armed Establishment media with a cudgel they could fashion into an ineptness/impeachment weapon.

     By signing OBB, Trump and Republican candidates will have plenty of smelly fishes to hang around the necks of Democrats as the off-year elections come around this November. Even while Tweet-storming about odors pouring from OBB spending inserted by Dems, the president should have considerable latitude to hold back or delay some expenditures while re-directing or pushing others.

     One major item in OBB is likely to be a big score for Trump. The Department of Defense is to receive more funding than requested – enough to go a long way towards wall-building at the U. S. border with Mexico. Reports are predicting the construction will be managed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

                                                     The Storm Will Change the World – This Year

     Most importantly, all of that OBB activity does not impede progress of the Storm, which supersedes all else so far as the Trump agenda for rescuing America is concerned. When taking down the most evil powers in the world – the global cabal of ruling elite – our eyes must remain on that prize. Such disciplined judgment ought not to be beyond the capabilities of Trump supporters, even those who have not yet taken the red pill.

     Here is where the Storm will remain focused:

A. All who have engaged in pedophilia, human trafficking, cannibalism, forcible organ-harvesting and similar crimes within reach of U. S. capabilities must be stopped, prosecuted and punished.

B. All who have conspired or acted in seditious schemes to subvert fair elections or to overturn the elected U. S. government must be stopped, prosecuted and punished.

C. Assets frozen by the terms of the Executive Order signed by the president December 20, 2017, will be identified, claimed, confiscated, accounted for, managed and liquidated for the benefit of the American people.

Each of these three areas of concern is very, very big. Success in each area is crucial to the future of America and other nations of the world.

                                                                  The Senior Executive Service and JTF MAGA

     Field McConnell is a widely known, distinguished military and commercial pilot veteran who, long ago, disclosed that his sister is a very evil  person involved in deplorable activities through U. S. government and private groups. He credits this sister, Kristine Marcy, with creating and implementing the Senior Executive Service.

     The SES consists of 70,000 highly paid (VP or higher salaries, no limit) staff selected and managed by 500 SES staff positioned within the U. S. Department of Justice. SES members cannot be fired by any cabinet secretary or even by the president himself. They are stationed throughout the federal government to carry out instructions given to them by non-government operatives of the ruling elite. However, the president has authority to reduce SES salaries to $1.00 per year.

     SES members may also be prosecuted for crimes. Field McConnell has just announced that Kristine Marcy recently communicated with him for the first time in six years, and he interprets her message as her “surrender.”
Field McConnell is not to be taken lightly. This news from him indicates Trump’s Storm is making very important headway against the ruling elite and their shadow governments world-wide. Marcy would not likely consider surrendering here if other safe places are available to her.

     Another significant development is the emergence of a group of federal whistleblowers led by William Binney, the leading whistleblower from the National Security Agency. Binney’s new group is identified as JTF (Joint Task Force) MAGA, and is comprised of more than 100 whistleblowers from federal agencies.

     JTF MAGA is presently furnishing evidence that these federal agencies have intentionally and systematically violated privacy rights of Americans, including President Trump. In addition, JTF MAGA has evidence of specific seditious activities in Washington, D.C., involving plans to prevent President Trump’s service as the duly elected president.


     Now, giving a moment’s notice to the ruling elite’s propaganda media – CBS’ 60 Minutes and Stormy Daniels (her “stage” name) –on Sunday evening the world was told of a man allegedly succumbing to sexual favors of a consenting woman in violation of the Sixth Commandment according to the Christian Bible and widely shared moral beliefs. This does not amount to a misdemeanor – even assuming the truth of it – much less is it anywhere on the scale weighing the monstrous crimes of the ruling elite and their minions.

     We need not repeat the listing of elitist crimes – crimes so sordid they make the mind and body cringe – lest we sin by omission or by understatement of their horrific nature. Focus upon apprehending and punishing the perpetrators – forever destroying their capabilities to reconstitute themselves. That is our responsibility. Help those around you understand, for these days are historic and are likely to be dangerous.