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Great Depressions
Then and Now

By Wayne Jett © March 19, 2011

     Will this book be worth your time? Answer for yourself by considering this.
The Fruits of Graft, in addition to much else:

•    Defines precisely why America suffered the Great Depression.
•    Confronts and dismantles Keynes’ “general theory” of economics, and calls it what it is: an intellectual cover story for predatory mercantilism.
•  Reveals how Franklin D. Roosevelt secretly served his elitist class and betrayed impoverished voters who elected him president.
•    Tells how federal law enables the Securities & Exchange Commission to shield powerful financiers from prosecution for fraud.
•  Shows the Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel which manipulates financial markets to produce enormous insider gains.
•  Explains how the Federal Reserve purposely causes inflation while intentionally destroying middle class jobs to “fight inflation.”
•   Details how crude oil was pushed to $147 per barrel in “dark” trading of derivatives, while supply and demand justified no more than $45 per barrel.
•   Describes the simple vetting process which should have stopped in its tracks the 2006 nomination of Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson Jr. as secretary of Treasury (and “economic czar”) .
•   Discloses the U. S. dominant elite’s sinister agenda pursued ruthlessly since 1900 to destroy the middle class, topple the Constitution and take “full power” in a “new world order.”

     Even one who reads classical economic analysis here regularly may find something among these premises to be shocking or incredible. This is why I have written the book. Without the full case laid out for your independent examination, many conclusions about U. S. economic policy and conditions may be too dire for you to believe, much less act upon.
     I hope my comments on current events posted here from time to time serve a good purpose. However, brevity necessary here requires broad brush strokes which a reader unfamiliar with evidence and context may see as unwarranted conclusions.
     The Fruits of Graft should be out by mid-year, and I will keep you apprised of progress. ~