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Bolsheviks' New Republic

Why Are U. S. Policies So Destructive?
By Wayne Jett © May 17, 2014

     Here is the key to decode the social agenda served by federal laws, regulations and policies. Imagine the U. S. government is controlled by “intelligent men of the new republic.” All then will become clear.  No more time wasted debating bad design, good intentions or other distractions.

     President Barack Obama was not the first to propose transforming America fundamentally, nor was that proposal first made in the 21st Century. In 1901, rulers of America and Europe professed an elitist manifesto authored on their behalf by British writer H. G. Wells. Wells’ short book was titled Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical  and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought.

Aims of the New Republic

     Anticipations defined these “intelligent men of the new republic” as operatives capable of taking full power over every society by imposing their will on others, unfettered by any traditional code of moral conduct. As Wells put it, each such man would view his own will as the Will of God and, thus, ultimately moral regardless of the nature of specific acts. The “new republic” would function as a secret, shadow government to undercut existing institutions until they collapse and fall into the hands of those entitled to rule.

     The overriding aims of the “new republic,” according to the manifesto, were to destroy the middle class and end the “great, gray mass” of democracy (republican government), thereby restoring “historically stable” two-class society. The worst evil of all – excess human population – would be exterminated as soon as “ascendant” governments learned how to “poison” unneeded people on an adequate scale.

      Did this abominable book brand Wells as a psychotic lunatic? No, far from it. Anticipations raised Wells from obscurity and hoisted him onto the shoulders of European monarchs (at least in private). He crossed the Atlantic and entered Theodore Roosevelt’s White House as honored guest on the arms of elitist intellectuals. And TR was not to be Wells’ only White House tutor and acolyte.

The New Republic in Action

     Woodrow Wilson signed into law in 1913, his first year as president, a private central bank (the Federal Reserve) and a graduated tax on earned income. Earned income is the sine qua non – the essential ingredient – of middle class prosperity. A privately owned network of central banks and rising tax rates on earnings were described in Anticipations as two potent tools for totally destroying the fabric of society in an aggressive campaign to achieve a two-class society.

     As U. S. government said “yes” to these pivotal demands of the ruling elite, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia apparently responded less satisfactorily. The Tsar was devoutly Christian, as was his wife Alix, who by birth was Princess Alexandra of German royalty. Nicolas married Alix out of sheer devotion, despite objection by his father, the tsar he succeeded. In 1914, one year after Wilson acceded to the ruling elite’s demands, World War I began imposing horrendous losses on Russian troops and population.

     In 1917, with Russia finally at the brink of military victory over Germany and the Central Powers, anti-tsarist operatives orchestrated Russia’s inexplicable surrender and withdrawal of forces despite Nicolas’ objections. The disastrous surrender severely undercut tsarist popular support.

     A relatively small faction calling itself Bolsheviks (“one of the majority”) took control of anti-tsarist sentiment and forced Nicholas to abdicate his throne. Nicolas, Alexi and their children (four daughters and, the youngest, a chronically ill son) were imprisoned, and the entire family was brutally executed, secretly without trial, in July, 1918.

     As the tsarist dynasty of the Romanovs was dying, so were an additional 40 million victims of “Spanish Influenza” of 1918, including more Americans than all fatalities in all U. S. wars combined. By historical accounts, the 1918 “flu” was designed in secret U. S. laboratories. It killed young, vigorous humans in their reproductive years. The virus was spread by infecting a U. S. Army assistant cook in Kansas as his unit was being deployed to Spain.

     After killing Tsar Nicolas II, the Bolsheviks prevailed in a civil war against primarily Christian loyalists, imposed Communism upon Russians and outlawed religion. V. I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky and then Joseph Stalin were their prominent leaders. Stalin had Trotsky assassinated, using connections through the U. S., after obtaining intelligence confirming Trotsky’s connections with Western ruling elite.

A Disturbing Likeness

     Do you see a resemblance between Wells’ “men of the new republic” and those who entered Russia in 1917 on a mission to take power? The resemblance is no mere happenstance. Lenin and Trotsky were among the Bolsheviks financed by the ruling elite of Europe and America, including members of families named Rothschild and Rockefeller.

     Anticipations revealed the elitists’ plan of action in 1901. Wilson delivered their much desired private central bank and graduated income tax in 1913. Had Wilson said no to these demands and Tsar Nicolas II said yes, where would the violent revolution, civil war  and repression have occurred?

     Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt hosted Wells during at least three extended visits. Wells praised FDR for talent shown in advancing the elitist agenda continuously without ever inciting the people to revolt. He described Roosevelt and his “brain trust” as the kind of men capable of taking “full power;” i.e., as men of the “new republic.” Stalin drew similar compliments from Wells during the same period.

What Russia Has Become

     Out of the staggering human losses suffered by Russians during World War I, the violent terror of Bolshevik takeover and civil war, Stalinist purges and famines, World War II, and years of Communist repression has emerged a Russia with astonishing features.

     In 2014, religion – both Christian and Jewish – is openly and resoundingly back at the center of Russian culture. Russians, including their leaders, may be the most committed anti-communists in the world. Russian government appears to seek prosperity for its people, as reflected in some classical economic policies such as low tax rates and private property rights.

     Surprising as these national characteristics may seem to those who rely on elite news media, Russia’s evolution did not go entirely unreported. As early as 1977, intelligence leaks told of success by Russian Christians in expelling Bolsheviks from top ranks of the Soviet Union. The downside for Americans in that historic event was the simultaneously reported infiltration by fleeing Bolsheviks into the U. S. power structure, aided by their long-time allies in the Rockefeller dynasty.

America at the Precipice

     The ruling elite’s game plan put to paper by H. G. Wells in 1901 still drives events and precipitates crises at will in 2014, but now from a platform of plundered wealth and power far greater than at their launch of “The Great War” 100 years ago. Their base of operations is more certainly within the U. S. now than then. Their chief instrument for exerting economic power and military force is through the U. S. government, although many activities are covered by secrecy or deceit.

     Since 2000, the ruling elite have orchestrated financial crashes of 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 to rob trillions in private capital, and have sponsored numerous false flag attacks on Americans and others to instigate wars and to reduce personal liberties. The primary example is the World Trade Center, where three major steel-structured buildings were brought down, killing thousands, by means not yet credibly explained to the satisfaction of professional civil engineers and materials scientists.

     Governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine fell to (or endured) overt or covert U. S. force in the wake of WTC. The U. S. is equipped for domestic repression at unprecedented levels. The U. S. is managing worldwide spraying in the stratosphere of millions of tons of highly toxic, metallic, nano-sized particles under the deceitful guise of “geoengineering” to cool the planet.

     Readers still unaware of the U. S. government’s role in imposing poverty, starvation and death on Americans and the world during the Great Depression (i.e., those who have not read The Fruits of Graft) will find it hard to believe the U. S. capable of such sociopathic acts. This, of course, was the primary mandate for writing the book, which remains highly relevant to current events.

     Ask yourself: if Bolsheviks (“intelligent men of the new republic”) are in charge, what should I do?  ~