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Big Religion Takes Stand

With Dominant Elite, Of Course
Wayne Jett © November 2, 2011
    The moral gulf between Vatican and Church of England was once so vast troops might have moved across borders. Now, in the wink of a week, they have acted towards the global financial disaster as if of a single mind. To declare solidarity with common humanity, you ask? They do so in rhetorical flourishes, of course, but the thrusts of their actions advance an entirely different agenda.
    The Vatican calls for establishment of a global central bank controlled by a global government. When the Vatican calls, it has such a comforting, beneficent sound – like a church bell ringing. But a global government means tyrannical dictatorship run by the same cabal which now operates from behind a screen shielding oligarchs from public view. You may recall the Wizard of Oz was presented as a weak manipulator behind a curtain, but reality involves a powerful, menacing specter, not a weak wizard, stalking the American landscape.
Global government would end the middle class and its political and economic rights: namely, republican democracy and capitalism. Now we see why the dollar is being destroyed by the Federal Reserve, so Americans will no longer have any control of the nature of their currency. The Fed is one of a network of privately owned central banks, each with international ownership and focus.
     Coincidentally, the Archbishop of Canterbury stepped to the microphone to express oneness of the Church of England and the “Occupy” protesters, and to yearn for something “more specific” to be done. Then, as if carried by a bolt from above – Hallelujah! he had it! – the concept of a new tax. This one would be on financial transactions. Since this miracle was conceived in less-than-immaculate company of Keynesian economists who ushered the world to the abyss now faced, it could handily be called a “Tobin tax” as when first proposed by the Yale economist.
  Guides of Ethics and Morality
    The archbishop stained his proposal indelibly by citing moral authorities to which he looked in deciding what “more specific” ought to be done to bring greater economic justice to the world. Of all worthy candidates he might have named as his guides, Dr. Rowan Williams chose only two: George Soros and Bill Gates, two billionaire members of the dominant elite who gained their status by preying on humanity worldwide through financial manipulation and monopolization, respectively.
    Fairness to the archbishop requires emphasis, as he did, that the “Tobin tax” must be implemented globally or it will not work. If permitted to be considered nation-by-nation, surely some nations would choose to be a “shelter” from that tax, and this must be prevented. Only truly global government can achieve this glorious outcome. The Lord be praised that such a victory for humanity is at hand! Don’t be concerned that your church or labor organization may be behind the curve on this great leap forward – the World Council of Churches and the AFL-CIO have already endorsed the Tobin tax.
Republic in the Balance
    The dominant elite of the U. S. and elsewhere are eager to pull the American republic down their rabbit hole, from whence it would never emerge. They have schemed and manipulated towards this end from the shadows for more than a century. Their objective seems so close at hand, even as other oppressed nations around the world struggle to experience representative government for the first time. Hated “nation building” by the world’s oldest republic can be ended once and for all, if the U. S. Constitution can be brought down.
    Yes, I understand I lose some readers here, because they simply will not bring themselves to deal with concepts of conspiracy intentionally destructive to the interests of humanity. The time has arrived when every person able to do so must deal with such concepts, because this is our reality. Please understand that the risks already described entail loss not only of political and economic rights, but of life itself. Never has any people been conquered by these elitist forces and spared elimination of its most capable members. The elitist agenda specifies extermination of all those deemed unnecessary by rulers of the “new republic.”
     The time is not ripe, not just yet, for the dominant elite to be that “specific” with those who protest injustice of their current regimes. If the Occupy Wall Street activists knew their employment prospects are essentially non-existent because fraudulent trading in U. S. financial markets looted $13 trillion from investors during 2008 alone, they surely would be specific about ending such fraudulent looting through enforcement of laws thought to prohibit such predatory conduct.
Getting Specific
     If OCW and the Tea Party knew the dominant elite of Wall Street are above the law, so they loot from others with impunity, perhaps they would join together to put an end to it. In that circumstance, the former could not be accused of insisting vaguely that wealth be spread, and the latter could not be derided as a mob wielding cheap pitchforks.
    Many refuse to believe this is reality, even when presented piles of evidence. They seek reassurance in the expressed opinions of “experts” whose livelihood comes from the financial sector. Anyone who speaks of fraud or conspiracy in the financial sector is barred for life from remunerative activity there.
    Honest professionals try endlessly to shed light on obviously irrational policies which cry out for reform. For example, here is a concise, clear statement that the on-going dealings among governments and banks to roll over increasing debts by creating fiat currency, which defaults de facto but not technically, is a Ponzi scheme in the truest sense. As is customary, however, the argument is presented in terms designed to persuade, tacitly assuming those carrying out the Ponzi scheme will mend their ways if only they understand the flaw in their thinking.
    Those engaged in any Ponzi scheme, or any other form of financial manipulation, including within central banks, are not to be persuaded – they refuse to be – they are to be stopped, apprehended and brought to justice. But, in reality, they are not.
     Financial fraud has been the macro-force in U. S. financial markets most years of the 21st Century, certainly 2000-2002, 2007-2010 and 2011. Apart from alleged criminal commingling of client and firm capital by MF Global, on what basis does a major hedge fund pile its capital into foreign sovereign debt except insider information from principal officials of governments and central banks?
    “Experts” of the financial sector will not lead a march to justice. Those willing to do so must educate themselves about the true financial realities today, and they must act to make “justice for all” more than a phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance. ~