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Best SOTU In History!

Powered By Deeds, Not By Rhetoric

By Wayne Jett © February 12, 2019

     President Trump’s report to Congress on the status of national affairs has been described by many as the best ever delivered by a U. S. president. Though the oratory was well suited to its purposes, the ingredients which set the speech above others were the important accomplishments of the president’s first two years in office. There stood Donald Trump, a businessman by experience, relating achievements unmatched by any other leader in American history.

Tax Cuts, Jobs, Economic Growth

     On the domestic front, the president pointed to creation of 5.3 million jobs – including 600,000 manufacturing jobs returning from overseas – which were not even a gleam in the eye of the previous Establishment administration. Indeed, the former president recently campaigned against Trump’s policies by ridiculing the thought of getting such jobs back in the U. S., asserting that a president would need a “magic wand” to do so. Yet here was President Trump basking in the glow of that achievement.

     The president pointed to cuts in tax rates for individuals and corporations effective in 2018 (the precise opposite of FDR’s tax policy every year he was president), which played such a big role in creating jobs through 2018 and January. Such tax cuts were easily within the political reach of the previous administration through its entire eight years in power, but were never touched.

     Tax cuts were not the only ingredient of Trump economic policy. Major changes in terms of international trade agreements played a big part, and those changes are still in progress. Previous Establishment governments since Ronald Reagan allowed terms of trade which dictated foreign manufacturing as the profitable thing to do. President Trump had the intelligence and fortitude to confront and destroy that deliberate attack on American prosperity and economic strength.

     So there stood Donald Trump before Congress and the world after only two years in office, having done the right thing despite unending opposition, able to announce the lowest unemployment rates in U. S. history for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women and the disabled. And the greatest number of employed Americans ever in history. That is powerful.
Justice For All

     On top of this crescendo, the president reported the criminal justice reform act he nudged through Congress and recently signed into law. You ask: is that a big deal? If you are a woman who is sentenced to life in federal prison for a first-time, non-violent drug offence – and you’ve served 22 years already – it is a very big deal.

     Alice Johnson was in the House chamber, weeping tears of joy for President Trump’s humanity in commuting her sentence. And, when one such person was so badly mistreated by the federal justice system, you know reforms were long overdue. Other victims of the system were in attendance, similarly enjoying a new chance in life after deliverance from a criminal justice system hungry for inmates to fill for-profit prisons.

Past Is Prelude

     Despite such tremendous results actually achieved and reported, the extreme degree of opposition from Establishment politicians within the House chamber to the President and his report was palpable. Indeed, the term hatred appears entirely applicable to the mindset of those who announced by their conduct, during the address and afterwards, utter contempt for all the president has done and proposes to do. There is reason for it.

       All that is described above is mere prelude to 2019 and beyond. If anyone expects President Trump to take his foot off the accelerator now and coast into 2020, that person is mistaken. Even after the SOTU address, much of what President Trump has accomplished during the past two years is, so far, largely or entirely unreported either by the president himself or by the Establishment (mainstream) media.

The Unreported Agenda

1.    National Emergency Arising from Human Trafficking

     At or near the top of the list of important work being done by the Trump administration is the major assault against human trafficking and corruption under the president’s declaration of national emergency which became effective December 21, 2017. That EO froze the assets of each person and organization listed on the attached exhibit as engaging in activities violating its provisions. Those alert to this historic action recognize it as an assault against the Satanist ruling elitist cabal and are eager to learn details of progress.

     The EO exhibit listing persons and firms engaged in human trafficking is said to be very long. The list reaches into every state and city in the U. S. It reaches into every other nation in the world, and into many global organizations. The number of sealed criminal indictments presently filed in U. S. federal courts exceeds 70,000. Those fearing indictment can take little solace in the fact so few have been unsealed; each approaching day may be their last moving among us.

     Neither the House, nor the Senate, nor the Executive Branch, nor even the Supreme Court is exempt from the EO’s reach. The same is true of state governments and the largest and smallest businesses. When the day arrives for the net to be drawn up, many notable faces are likely to be inside looking out.

     Yes, those who have lost hope that equal justice under law will ever exist in America may retain their doubts. But they fail to consider that only 14 months have passed since the EO became effective. That is a very brief interval for police and legal work necessary to file 70,000 indictments – amazing completion of 5,000 per month investigated, presented to grand juries, written in formal charges and filed in federal courts.

2.    Role of Military Tribunals Protecting Constitution

     The U. S. Constitution as ratified in 1787 and amended in 1789 set the structure of the federal government and then limited its authority to infringe upon stated rights of individuals living within its bounds. While it provides for common defense of the nation, for military forces and for declarations of war against foreign enemies, the Constitution is not so well understood regarding actions the military may take against persons, including citizens, who threaten stability of government or national security.

     Numerous reports tell of significant construction and enlargement of facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which are described as suited and intended for use in imprisoning persons arrested for crimes of sedition or treason, and for conducting trials of such persons before military tribunals. The public learned during the Senate’s interviews of Justice Brett Kavanaugh that the Supreme Court has an existing body of case law governing the propriety and role of such military tribunals. At the earliest time consistent with a fair assessment of national security interests, Americans should be informed in detail of proceedings of this nature completed or on-going.

3.    Progress Report On Assault Against Global Ruling Cabal

     Important evidence is available to prove that an international cabal of powerful pecuniary interests has aggressively targeted and victimized Americans since the colonial era. Their assault sharply increased in ferocity at the outset of the 20th Century. Yet U. S. government, academic institutions, politicians and others have remained silent or actually denied this was true, often reciting the cliché that every person in America can succeed to the full extent of ability and effort.

     If, indeed, a war is underway to take down and destroy the global ruling cabal – as appears to be the case – then the time will soon arrive for the U. S. president to describe officially the harms done to Americans and others, to identify the culprits, and to report actions taken to bring them to justice. The standard pabulum that has kept Americans misinformed far too long will do no more. We need to be informed as fully in detail as is consistent with success and safety of our operations and forces in the field.

     FDR’s big lie in 1933 that “all we have to fear is fear itself” ought to be exposed, since he and the ruling cabal engaged in ruthless aggression against all Americans except the cabal’s operatives and sympathizers. Those who know the historical facts should not to be reviled as “conspiracy theorists” any longer.

4.    Unauditable Federal Spending

     Credible analysis of accounting records of the U. S. Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development by Catherine Austin Fitts of Solaris Report and by Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University indicates $21 trillion of “unauditable” spending by the two departments. Unauditable in context means either records were unavailable or were not provided to establish the source of funds or the use of funds.

     One thing is reasonably certain about the source of the "extra" $21 trillion spent by DOD and DHUD: that source was not Congress. The $21 trillion greatly exceeded all federal spending during the years involved, and completely dwarfed the total budgets of the two departments. So the spending was neither authorized by Congress nor subjected to legislative oversight. So who provided the money, who exercised influence and control over it, and how was the money spent?

     If President Trump knows the relevant facts about the sources and uses of funds, he should inform the public and take actions to set the federal house in order. The outcome of this quandary is highly relevant to the true state of the American union.
5.    Common Interests of America, Russia and China

     By all indications, Tsar Nicholas II, his family and Russia paid very high prices for telling the Rothschild cabal “no” when a privately owned central bank was demanded of that nation during the early 20th Century. In retaliation, the cabal infiltrated the Bolsheviks into Russia, took the Tsar and his family hostage, then murdered them before proceeding to do the same to tens of millions of Christian Russians.

      President Vladimir Putin of Russia was christened as an infant in the Russian Orthodox Christian Church at his mother’s request while Bolsheviks still controlled the Soviet Union. Many Americans are unaware that, prior to the “collapse” of the USSR, most Bolsheviks were expelled and Russia has returned to its former nature as a Christian society. Approximately the same percentage (slightly above 80%) of Russians and Americans profess to be Christians.

      Although the language barrier is significant, Americans and Russians have many common goals and interests. America should proceed with care and determination to seek an alliance with Russia that is both robust and enduring. We will not need to yield to interminable interference by the ruling cabal to keep such relations from progressing if President Trump’s campaign to uproot the cabal succeeds.

      What can President Trump tell us about the prospects for real progress in the near term? In all likelihood, a lot, and we’re eager to hear.
6.    Stop Geoengineering and 5G Now!

     Nothing threatens survival of all life on Earth more than weapons of mass destruction known as “geoengineering,” with the possible exception of nuclear weapons. The major difference between the two weapons systems is that nuclear weapons are not presently being used against targeted nations, and leaders retain the option never to use them.

     Geoengineering, by contrast, is presently deployed worldwide and its weapons are being released daily, hour-by-hour over every square mile of America and most, if not all, of the world. Geoengineering technology is highly toxic to humans, animals, plants and all life.

     In 2001, NASA called similar technology a “mechanical analog of biological weapons of mass destruction.” The technology is expensive to deploy. Yet, without public knowledge or debate, the U. S. Air Force and the United Nations are involved in geoengineering deployment all across America under the cover of “national security” classified secrecy.
Micron-sized particulates of aluminum, strontium and barium are suspended in aerosols to hold them aloft, which permits heating and manipulation by electro-magnetic radiation to modify weather conditions. But as the sub-microscopic metal descends to Earth’s surface, it poisons brains (Alzheimer’s), lungs and every vulnerable part of humans, animals, insects, plants and ocean life. And those are only the “unfortunate” side effects.

     Geoengineering technology is promoted as the key to “owning the weather” for military objectives. It poisons cropland, prevents rainfall, and creates floods, drought, severe heat, severe cold, and can create and steer severe storms. Even jet streams above and primary currents in oceans may be diverted with devastating and entirely unexpected effects on human and animal populations.

     Geoengineering is already far along in poisoning and killing human and other natural populations, and is surely a favored instrument of genocide deployed by the global ruling cabal. So why has President Trump not stopped it, at least in America? Had it been stopped, the California monster fires would not have occurred, nor would the on-going incredibly cold temperatures afflicting the northern and eastern U. S.

     Mr. President, we urgently request your attention to protect the American people and way of life from this deadly weapon of mass destruction called geoengineering.

     As to the weapon of mass destruction disguised as a “communications system” called “5G,” Mr. President, perhaps you are already aware of its tremendous destructive capabilities against humans, animals, structures and many other vulnerable targets.  The arrest in Canada of a top-level executive of Huawei, the technology giant of China, reportedly occurred due to Huawei’s pivotal role in the maximum-speed rollout of 5G across America. We pray this menace is stopped in its tracks before its full deployment puts every man, woman and child of America within range.