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Auto-Genocide In The G D


Historical Facts Prove Imposed Starvation
By Wayne Jett © July 24, 2017

     The big lie of FDR’s first inaugural address was his punch line: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

     No longer can it be said that the Great Depression is “unexplainable.” The facts are out. The Great Depression was imposed on Americans and the world primarily by Franklin D. Roosevelt on behalf of the elitist shadow government known as The New Republic. Herbert Hoover allowed himself to be rolled by the same puppet-masters, setting the stage for FDR to nail the famine which starved to death millions of Americans: auto-genocide.

     Auto-genocide is a recently coined term. It means a planned action to exterminate all or part of a targeted population. Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the former high level operative for the CIA and the U. S. State Department, recently applied the term to Pol Pot’s killing fields of Cambodia and to the U. S. Civil War. In that light, auto-genocide is applicable to the Great Depression. Historical facts have been unearthed to prove it.

                                                                                            Hoover's Three Big Wrongs

     Hoover, as president in 1929-1932, did three things he knew to be bad policy. He allowed pernicious fraud to ravage securities markets without federal intervention. He signed into law Smoot-Hawley tariff increases, which shut down U. S. foreign trade by 70% within 18 months, when he could have stopped the bill with a word, much less a veto. And, with unemployment at 30% by year-end 1931, he proposed in 1932 and then signed a monstrous hike in income tax rates retroactive to January 1, 1932.

     FDR was elected by a landslide in November, 1932, to reverse these three wrongs. He did the opposite.

     On Hoover’s first big wrong, FDR signed two bills into law to stop securities fraud. He signed the Securities Act of 1933 which made fraud in the securities markets a crime, but the statute failed to define fraud or to set penalties for violations. FDR later signed into law the Securities & Exchange Act of 1934, which created a “securities & exchange commission” that only Wall Street mobsters could love. Five commissioners appointed by the House, the Senate and the President were given exclusive jurisdiction to decide what, if anything, is securities fraud and who, if anyone, is to be investigated or prosecuted. FDR appointed the most notorious operator on Wall Street during the 1920s and the Great Crash, Joseph P. Kennedy, who became the SEC’s first chairman. Kennedy stayed in the post about one year, just long enough to hire trusted cohorts as the SEC’s permanent staff.

      On Hoover's second big wrong,  FDR personally torpedoed global reductions in tariffs when his own Secretary of State Cordell Hull was in London with many nations ready to sign tariff-cutting deals. And, on Hoover's third big wrong, FDR raised tax rates and/or added new taxes every year he held office, except 1939. In that year, the House refused to consent to a tax increase and, instead, passed a small tax cut which FDR permitted to become law without his signature.

                                                                                              Nailing Auto-Genocide

     These three violations of faith by FDR with his own electorate were only the beginning. Here is a brief listing of actions he took to assure the Great Depression was long, deep and deadly for already stricken Americans:

     (1)    In March, 1933, FDR confiscated privately owned gold by executive order, paying $20.67/oz, then devalued the dollar to $35/oz in January, 1934. This contrived design for currency devaluation deprived individual Americans of the 69% gain they would have realized if the devaluation had been done first, before the confiscation. FDR stripped this capital from the national population and placed the immense wealth taken by government force into a newly created secret agency called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. To this day, the ESF is exempted from all public laws and operates with finances of immense but unknown proportions without congressional oversight. FDR carefully designed the devaluation to assure that not a single new dollar would be added to the private economy.

     (2)  Also in 1933, FDR embarked upon government mandated food destruction, including plowing crops under without harvesting, slaughtering and burying six million baby pigs to prevent their growing into mature meat animals for human consumption, and other similar atrocities. Devaluation gave foreign buyers of U. S.-produced food much increased buying power, while Americans literally starved to death.

     (3)    During 1933-1940, FDR used federal tax revenues to buy 13,185.3 metric tons of gold in domestic and foreign markets to store in Treasury vaults. By comparison, the U. S. Treasury had accumulated little more than 600 metric tons in all its history prior to 1900, and less than 6,000 metric tons in the 30 years of 1900-1930. FDR more than trebled the tonnage of gold in Treasury vaults while three-to-six million Americans died of starvation. These American deaths dwarf the auto-genocides of the American Civil War and Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

     (4)    The Federal Reserve Reform Act of 1935 allowed FDR to appoint additional members of the Fed Open Market Committee, including its new chairman Marriner Eccles. The first action of the new board in August, 1936, was to order bank reserves be increased by 50%. No banking crisis existed at the time; the increase was “to show the banks who’s boss.” This action forced banks to call and foreclose performing loans to farmers and small businesses. Assets had to be sold at auction fire-sale prices to meet the new banking reserve requirements. Small banks failed or were seized under pretext of failure. Many more families were thrown onto the streets and highways of America to search for work and a place to live. In January, 1937, after FDR’s re-election to a second term the previous November, the Fed increased bank reserve requirements an additional 33%, creating yet another wave of foreclosures, fire-sales, evictions and bank failures.

     (5)    In 1936, someone tipped FDR that capital of war-scared Europeans was flowing into the U. S. in such volume that $7 billion in gold would arrive that year. This gold ordinarily would be monetized by creating dollars in the U. S. economy according to practices of the gold standard monetary system. FDR ordered Morgenthau and Eccles to prevent this monetization, so this “hot money” would not disrupt the U. S. economy if it were moved back to Europe in future years. Morgenthau pressed Eccles, who fought back with a letter stating no reasonable basis existed to justify de-monetizing this in-flow of commercial gold. FDR convened a meeting of the three at which Eccles yielded to FDR’s pressure. Regulations were written and adopted by Treasury and the Fed “sterilizing” inflows of gold, meaning no monetization, including also any gold purchased by Treasury from domestic gold production!

     In short, FDR stripped money out of the private economy by every means available: by taxes, by devaluation, and refused to permit that money to be replenished even by monetization of gold flowing in from foreign investors moving from Europe to the U. S.
Not one of these five lines of FDR’s conduct is defensible economically, politically or morally. Clearly that is why these historical facts were hidden, mischaracterized or obfuscated by FDR’s government.

                                                                                 Speaking the Truth to Americans

     What is to be said for, and by, historians, economists and others who hold themselves out as expert in evaluating such topics as the causes of the Great Depression, and
who continue to lionize Franklin Roosevelt as ranking among the greatest U. S. presidents? Do you have a response to the historical facts presented here? You may undertake to refute what is presented, or you may remain silent. What appears to be untenable is to continue extolling FDR’s greatness and virtues, when the facts now revealed are spreading quickly in public awareness. Do you wish to step up and defend auto-genocide?