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Anti-Trump Pols Real Fear

Prosecution For Their Crimes
By Wayne Jett © December 14, 2019

     Americans and observers around the world marvel that Democrat politicians rabidly search far and wide for any excuse – a shred of evidence to support a pretext – to remove President Donald Trump from office. Impeachment proceedings are near completion in the House even though no legal infraction by the president has yet been identified. Without a clearly criminal act to incite the president’s accusers, what has provoked their action to impeach?

Media Cover Stories

     First let’s dispose of clearly invalid motives for Trump’s attackers often suggested in the controlled media. The motive is not politics as usual seeking to weaken Trump’s voter support ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Polls indicate the attempt to impeach is having the opposite effect.

     Neither is the Democrats’ motive to block further political wins by Trump. The Trump wins list is already so illustrious as to be unmatched by any previous U. S. president, no matter how many years in office (don’t get me started on FDR!).

     Trump has achieved major cuts in income tax rates, restored U. S. manufacturing jobs and employment growth, is building the wall along the southern border, is restoring U. S. military viability, has ended U. S. participation in the war against Syria, is getting us out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and has withdrawn the U. S. from the scandalous (bribes and details still to be revealed) Iran deal, Paris Accords and Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    This list hasn’t even touched the leadership Trump provided to restore some semblance of justice for African Americans and others in lower rungs of the economy, who were targeted and victimized by the prisons-for-profits system installed under previous Establishment presidents and legislators. Ending the ObamaCare nightmare, reforming healthcare for Veterans, reducing prices paid by Americans for prescription drugs – this is not the end to the list of ways life is better for ordinary people since Donald Trump’s election as president, but it will suffice for now.

     Democrats are not motivated by an irrational hate for Donald Trump arising from his personal traits, his wealth or his political views supporting national governments versus globalism. Yes, Democrats in office and Republicans who identify with the powerful cabal generously called the “establishment” do, indeed, express sometimes vicious opposition towards Trump. But they do not disclose their true reasons for wanting him out of his present position of power.

Crime and Punishment

     So now we address the real cause of enmity present in the no-holds-barred effort to remove Donald Trump from the U. S. presidency, despite the fact he was elected by a substantial majority of electoral votes cast as provided by the national Constitution. The hot zeal for removing President Trump from office is simple to understand. 

     Those leading and motivating the on-going coup attempt have committed major crimes under applicable public laws, and the guilty parties do not wish to be apprehended, tried or punished. The minor graft uncovered so far involving former Vice President Joe Biden is merely the upper-most tip of the iceberg. Other crimes to be unearthed by more powerful officials of the Obama, Bush and Clinton regimes will cast a much longer shadow than Biden’s wrong-doing.

Sealed Indictments

     Evidence to support this conclusion has been mounting since late 2017, when President Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency arising from human trafficking and related corruption. When that EO became effective December 21, 2017, already noticeable was an uptick in the number of sealed criminal indictments filed in federal district courts across the nation. Since the EO, the number of sealed indictments has soared, totaling nearly 125,000 as of September 30, 2019, and rising by nearly 6,000 per month. Of course, human trafficking is not the only basis for a sealed indictment. Any crime involving on-going investigations may provide sufficient reason to delay unsealing and prosecution of individual cases.

     To comprehend the significance of this information, you should understand that a federal prosecutor must have gathered sufficient evidence to prove specific criminal acts by the defendant(s) before a sealed indictment is filed. The sealed indictment is not yet served on the accused defendant(s), usually because the investigation is on-going for the purpose of identifying related crimes and gathering evidence to support additional criminal indictments. Otherwise, the indictment would be open and promptly prosecuted, as is normal procedure.

     The number of presently sealed federal indictments represents a tremendous amount of law enforcement efforts in fact-gathering and in preparing the court documents making specific charges of unlawful acts and criminal wrong-doing. Such things are not done for frivolous or inconsequential reasons, and implications for political figures – not to mention American society as a whole – are likely to be historically important.

No Holds Barred

     Those implicated in criminal activity of greatest dimension include powerful individuals with higher rank in the globalist cabal than those presently on television screens making charges against the U. S. president. Those you see and hear directly would be thrown overboard quickly if they were the ringleaders of wrongdoing. The hand of justice is to be placed on the shoulder of each wrong-doer at the top of the criminal enterprise. That is why no effort will be spared in trying to bring down the U. S. president who leads the campaign against them.