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America and Russia

Two Great Christian Nations

By Wayne Jett © July 21, 2018

     America and Russia are not eternally sworn enemies. America and Russia have never fought on opposite sides of any war. For seven decades of the 20th Century, Russia was occupied and tormented by evil forces known as “Bolsheviks” infiltrated and financed by the ruling elite of the West. After enormous suffering and loss of tens of millions of lives (mostly Christians), the Russian people prevailed and recovered their nationhood. Today, Russians share common cause with Americans as both face existential threats from the same ruling elitist cabal. Indeed, the two nations appear to be acting already in alliance against the cabal.

    Here in a nutshell is the immediate threat we face. The ruling elite, acting through their intelligence/terrorist operatives called the Deep State, aspire to assassinate our elected president, to replace him with their puppet, to depose his appointed officials, and to countermand his executive orders directed against them. Were they to succeed, American society would promptly find itself thrown into a pit of oppression much like what the election of Hillary Clinton as president aimed to achieve.

Attempted Assassination of POTUS

      But the elitist cabal and their Deep State will fail, as they did during President Trump’s recent visit to Scotland, the day before he flew to Helsinki to meet with Russia’s President Putin. President Trump scheduled a round of golf at the Turnberry course. A person claiming to be a Greenpeace demonstrator was given a permit by Scottish authorities to para-glide above the course while the president was present below. 

     With the president on the course, a U. S. Secret Service special agent detected the presence of a Directed Energy Weapon, apparently in possession of the Greenpeace para-glider. The special agent, 19-year veteran Nole Remagen, acted decisively to remove the president from the golf course into shelter of the pro shop, thereby saving his life.

Secret Service Agent KIA

     During Special Agent Remagen’s fearless actions, including shielding the president with his own body, he is believed to have suffered hits by the DEW and a resulting stroke. This is unconfirmed by official channels.

      SA Remagen was later pronounced dead of stroke, and his body was returned to the U. S. through Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, where no press or public attendance was permitted. Survivors include his widow and two young children.

Anti-Alliance Motive

      Such are the efforts undertaken by the Deep State and its elitist sponsors to prevent communications between U. S. and Russian leaders. One important implication of such a craven attack against the American republic is what it says about the potential of improved American-Russian relations for peace and prosperity in the world. The elitists’ use of war and conflict to advance their agenda must be threatened very importantly by an alliance between America and Russia.

      During the press conference which followed the meetings of American and Russian officials in Helsinki, U. S. press representatives were openly hostile and disrespectful to both presidents. First they asked President Trump to divulge everything he had said to President Putin in their one-on-one meeting, and then asked the Russian president to tell what Mr. Trump had said to him. These inquiries were not made in the public interest, but as puppets of the Deep State, which has controlled major media in the West since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Further Meetings Ahead

     Promptly after his return from Helsinki meetings with President Putin, President Trump invited Mr. Putin to the White House for meetings during December (after the November congressional mid-term elections). By then, Americans will have learned much more about the crimes against us by the Deep State and its sponsors. Their quest to destroy all nations, to exterminate most of humanity and to impose a global two-class dictatorship has not been abandoned, despite their loss “with HER” in the presidential election of 2016.

    Since the Helsinki meetings, reports of information exchanges between the two leaders have given rise to more desperate acts by powerful Deep State actors. Those guilty of treason against America have leveled the same charge against President Trump.

Censorship in Alternative Media

     Deep State managers of alternative media are more oppressive than ever in censoring important political discourse in venues such as You-Tube, Facebook and Twitter. The influential SGTReport (300,000+ subscribers) was terminated by You-Tube during the middle of the night of July 22 without hearing or specific charge of a rule violation. Here is the last interview SGT Report posted before termination – one of Robert David Steele – which should not be missed.