The little book “Anticipations …” published in 1901 made the British author H. G. Wells internationally important as a man of ideas and connections rather than merely a fiction writer. Wells was invited to European palaces and to President Theodore Roosevelt’s White House as honored guest at a reception of dignitaries. Margaret Sanger, later to become founder of Planned Parenthood, attended the reception on Wells’ arm as they commenced a long, intimate relationship at odds with Wells’ wife and children in England. That same little book provides a big window of insights into motives behind America’s pandemic and election experiences of 2020-2021.

The Globalists’ 1901 Plan

Anticipations explained that the few powerful families believing themselves entitled to rule the world (sometimes called “the thirteen families” or “the globalist cabal) fully intended to destroy completely the new “middle class” of people capable and desirous of supporting themselves. The cabal declared that intention and the goal to learn, by the year 2000, how to poison millions of “people of the abyss” so the only survivors on earth would be the ruling families and their chosen servants.

Learning how to poison hundreds of millions – even billions – of people partly involves formulating suitably powerful poisons. Many poisons deadly to humans were already known in 1901 and more could be found or formulated. The greater challenge foreseen may have been devising schemes to get fatal dosages ingested by (or injected into) target populations capable of evading, escaping and/or retaliating.

The Federal Reserve Bank

Additional elements of the 1901 plan included establishing a cabal-owned central bank in each nation to create currency used in economic activity, and also a tax on earned income (hallmark of the middle class) enforced at higher rates against persons with higher income. Both objectives were achieved in America in 1913 during the first year of the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, former president of Princeton University.

To this day, many Americans who consider themselves well informed erroneously believe the Federal Reserve and its network of regional banks to be public agencies of the federal government. In fact, the Federal Reserve and each regional Fed, including the dominant Federal Reserve Bank of New York, are privately owned, with the Payseur, Rothschild and Rockefeller families believed to be pre-eminent in influence. During 2020, media reports indicated the Fed was absorbed into the U. S. Department of Treasury in order to forestall collapse of the Fed’s fiat currency, although no official confirmation of this is available.

The Internal Revenue Code

In a similar vein, the Internal Revenue Service is armed with a complex federal tax code to pursue middle class producers, businesses, farmers and workers relentlessly, while tax exempt foundations of the rich and cabal-connected draw much less scrutiny so far as outside observers can tell.

Do these interests and objectives of very wealthy and powerful families declared in 1901 seem highly relevant to more recent events in America and the world? For example, primary goals of the 1901 plan included a privately owned central bank in America (the Federal Reserve achieved this goal in 1913) and a graduated tax on earned income – hallmark of the middle class (also achieved in 1913). Woodrow Wilson, formerly president of Princeton University, signed both the IRS and the Fed into law despite his contrary campaign promises to Democratic Party middle class workers.

Wars, Assassinations, Financial and Medical Terrorism

A representative list of more recent world events rooted in aspirations of the globalist cabal: World War I; the Bolshevik invasion and communization of Russia; the Influenza of 1918; the Crash of 1929; the Great Depression; World War II; the rise to power of Mao Tse-tung and communism in China; the Korean War; the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; the Vietnam War; the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan; and, the World Trade Center destruction and asset heist, the missile attack of the Pentagon, the Patriot Act imposition of police state surveillance, plus the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and the surreptitious Obama coup against the elected Ukrainian government.

Should we not also mention the Tech Crash of 2000-2002 and the “financial terrorism” of 2008, each perpetrated with complicity of the Fed, the Securities & Exchange Commission and the Secretary of the Treasury? All of this, you recall, occurred prior to the election of President Donald Trump and the subsequent elaborate attempts to remove him from office with false allegations of “Russian collusion,” followed by false allegations of improper communications by the president with the government of Ukraine.

Covid-19 is by no means the only example of a broadside attack by the globalist cabal against the human populations of America and the world. The “Spanish Flu” spread during World War I was a very deadly campaign. Polio vaccine has been reported as used to spread soft-tissue cancer. Africa, India and other less developed nations have been reported to be targets of reckless and high-risk medical experimentation. Such evil deserves every bit of attention necessary to eradicate it and to punish severely those responsible.

Not the least of evil intentions presently pending is the hidden, largely unreported campaign by federal officials to require American farmers to destroy their crops rather than harvest them for sale to consumers. This appears to be genocidal action with deadly intent that, if proven by admissible evidence, will require criminal trials with capital penalties for the responsible offenders.

All is prologue to what is coming. Never mind that the coming may be later than hoped. By the grace of God and His intercession on behalf of right and good men, women and children, we now have reasonable and substantial expectation of delivery from deadly evil intentions which have loomed especially since January 18, 2021.

Military High Command Reports To President Trump

The U. S. military high command has, indeed, been exercising authority under the Insurrection Act of 1807, which was invoked by President Donald Trump in a classified executive order signed before January 18, 2021. This information was made public September 26 by the U. S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM).

Military officials have coordinated with lawful civil authorities to gauge the extent and nature of election fraud, and gave a preliminary report of findings and conclusions to President Trump Sunday afternoon. A short while later, INSCOM made its announcement. President Trump said he expects to return to office “swiftly” as soon as INSCOM’s final report is issued.

These historic events are consistent with previous reports here that the Insurrection Act was invoked by President Trump while he was in office. Other reports of executive orders referring to “devolution” were in the nature of providing specificity and duty assignments of military officials during the examination of insurrection and fraud relating to the elections of November 3, 2020, and following. ~