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World War Looms


Putin Needs Help to Stop It

By Wayne Jett © October 18, 2016

          Today is more dangerous than the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. This time the crazies are on our side of the rising conflict – stoking war by provoking Russia while scheming to launch a pre-emptive first strike. Americans must somehow disable officials who are puppets of the shadow government imposed by New World Order psychopaths. Otherwise, nuclear war will be pulled down upon us to destroy evidence of financial fraud and looting which has destroyed the dollar and brought economic collapse.

Syrian No-Fly Zone Means Nuclear War

          In the second presidential debate of October 9, Hillary Clinton announced that she, as U. S. president, would order immediately that the U. S. military impose a “no-fly zone” in Syria. She did so knowing that General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently confirmed in a Senate hearing that such a policy would amount to a declaration of war against Russia. 

          By contrast, Donald Trump stated in the same debate his preference for good U. S. relations with Russia, including joint efforts with Russia to fight and destroy ISIS.

          These simple facts define the most significant policy difference between the two candidates. One has declared readiness, even eagerness, to plunge into conflict leading directly to nuclear war. The other has not.

Russia’s Actions

          Concurrent with Clinton’s announcement, Russia conducted a civil defense drill involving 40 million of its citizens sheltering in underground bunkers for days, and reportedly dispatched its nuclear submarine fleet to pre-assigned “launch points” off U. S. coasts. Contributing factors in these unprecedented actions included U. S. build-up of military forces and weaponry in Europe, including “training exercises” involving mobilization of forces, plus erection of missile launch facilities in northern Iraq.

          In addition, Russia announced discontinuation of its adherence to agreed terms for processing plutonium unless and until the U. S. withdraws military forces and armaments from named countries in the Baltics and central Europe. When the plutonium treaty was signed by the U. S. and Russia, the U. S. had agreed to refrain from militarizing the countries in question.

Media Malfeasance

          Does it not appear from the foregoing that U. S. policies and actions, whether announced or secret, may be unnecessarily provocative – even aggressive and dangerous? Yet U. S. media hardly touch this subject in the sex-hyped run-up to the presidential election.

        Despite media shortcomings, this presidential election campaign has already produced remarkably clear evidence that the same cabal of ruling elite controls the leadership of both major political parties. Witness the spectacle of the entire Bush family and its acolytes, faced by an outsider winning the Republican Party nomination with more votes in primary elections than any candidate in history, abandoning the Republican Party to embrace Hillary Clinton, perhaps the candidate more objectionable to Republican rank-and-file than any other ever nominated by the Democratic Party.

          Please note the absence of attention in major media to the threat of imminent nuclear war being at its highest level since the Cold War began, even including the Cuban Missile Crisis of President John F. Kennedy’s administration. This time the U. S., not the Soviet Union, appears to be the provocateur. So we need a press with high standards of integrity to lead examination of this concern. Do we have it?

U. S. major media (broadcast and cable television, radio, newspapers and magazines) are owned by five major corporations, each controlled by the same financial interests and dominated by the same ruling elite who own the Federal Reserve, the major international banks and corporations (including the military-industrial companies), and the shadow government which manages U. S. policies and operations.

                                                                    Picking a President

      Which of the candidates for president is more likely to steer us towards peaceful and prosperous relations with Russia and China? Or to lead a break-up of media concentration? Or to provide an end to the Fed, near-term? Or to end military imperialism forcing use of the dollar?

        With corruption and criminality oozing from every crack and crevice of U. S. government, the collapse of the dollar and the economy approaches as night follows day. America's president will have an important role to play in the outcome, and ought to assist in freeing us from the cabal that has led us to this ditch. ~