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Was Russia Wiki Source?

No, and CIA Knows It
                                                                                                       By Wayne Jett © December 14, 2016

      Only last week, President Obama publicly announced he had ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to give him a full report on Russia’s role, if any, in providing emails which WikiLeaks methodically leaked through the internet, thereby cratering Hillary Clinton’s chance to win the presidential campaign. Sure enough, just in time for the weekend news shows, the CIA’s report was in Obama's hands, allegedly concluding that Russia hacked the email accounts and gave them to WikiLeaks.

     What email accounts? Those of the Democratic National Committee and of Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, which tended to show detestable patterns of thought and action by the DNC, Clinton and Podesta. In that light, Podesta resurfaced just this week (after submerging during the email revelations) to argue that the U. S. Electoral College should not be permitted to vote confirming Donald Trump's election to the presidency until all electors are lectured by the CIA about Russia’s alleged role in the election campaign.

                                                                                 Hail Mary Play of the Season

Focus on the point that the issue raised by Obama and Clinton is not that the emails leaked by WikiLeaks were false or misleading, because they can’t prove it. Further, Obama/Clinton do not complain that revelation of the emails put Clinton’s campaign in a bad light with the public by revealing the truth. The public has the idea the truth ought to be revealed, one way or the other, so would never be persuaded a “do-over” should be granted because they learned the truth.

      So the Obama/Clinton coaching staff huddled and designed the “Hail Mary” desperation pass play of all time. They accuse the major foreign military power, Russia, of an act of war – interfering in U. S. national elections – as the basis for nullifying Donald Trump’s election. Obama persuaded someone in the CIA to give him an allegedly supportive report, which must remain classified, of course, so we can’t see it. This is the president who told Americans “if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it.” But this time we can trust him?

                                                                              The Known Evidence

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has attested specifically that Russia was not the source of the DNC emails. Assange did so after previously stating publicly his concern that WikiLeaks' sources of intelligence had been intimidated by the brutal murder of a DNC insider, a young man from Nebraska who worked in DNC communications.

      Another credible witness on the source of emails leaked to WikiLeaks is a former British diplomat, Ambassador Craig Murray. Ambassador Murray states that he has direct knowledge of the source who provided the emails to WikiLeaks, stemming from direct communications both with the source and with WikiLeaks. Murray states that the emails came from an insider who had access to the emails, not from an outside hacker, and that Russia played no role whatsoever in providing the emails to WikiLeaks.

                                                                          The Clintons’ “Soft Coup” Attempt

      On top of the extraordinary facts just outlined, we have additional pertinent evidence to report. An American with notable service in federal intelligence operations announced November 1 that an informal alliance of intelligence operatives in the U. S. government had detected earlier in the day a “soft coup” initiated by the Clintons to take power over the federal government illicitly.

     The man who made that announcement is Steve Pieczenik, whose resume includes a doctorate in psychiatry, service in intelligence roles dating back to the mid-70s, and considerable contributions to popular literature of international intelligence operations. Dr. Pieczenik further disclosed on November 1 a “soft counter-coup” to prevent the Clinton coup by the group he served as spokesman.

      Included in Dr. Pieczenik’s November 1 announcement is his clear statement that the informal alliance of federal intelligence operatives for whom he was speaking had taken the DNC emails from federal intelligence files and furnished the emails to WikiLeaks. This was done, he said, so the public could be informed prior to the election and as a means to prevent the Clinton coup from succeeding.

                                                                     May the American Republic Win

      All of this is in the public record, as Dr. Pieczenik’s You-Tube video alone has more than three million views. True, Ambassador Murray says a DNC insider leaked the emails, while Dr. Pieczenik says U. S. intelligence operatives obtained and leaked the emails. But both state Russia had nothing to do with it. None of this will be found in the pages of the Times or the Post, nor on the screens of those who still rely on television to inform them. 

     Most importantly, however, all of this is in the air as a political revolution proceeds peacefully, so far as we know. As always, though, the peace that most of us experience is purchased at the cost of wounds and lives of those who hear the cannons and run towards them. Let’s see to it that the “soft counter-coup” succeeds in leading the national government towards an improved republic that can be described justifiably as “of the people, by the people and for the people.” ~