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Democrats! Repeal ObamaCare!
Override Veto and Save Your Constituents
By Wayne Jett © August 22, 2013

    Democratic back-benchers in Congress, finally your destiny is in your hands. Your leadership ordered you to vote ObamaCare into law to find out what was in it. Now you know what is in it, and this what you must do. Sponsor a bill to repeal ObamaCare. Republicans will join you to override the president’s veto. Don’t wait until the elections of 2014. Voters will not forgive you if you allow ObamaCare to destroy their jobs and health care.

                                                                          Mussolini in America

     Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House in early 2010, forced a vote on the massive ACA bill before any member could read it. Democrats provided every vote needed to pass it. A few Democrats defected to vote with all Republicans against it. Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid did the same in the Senate. No Senate Republicans supported it, and President Obama signed the unread bill into law.

    Enactment of ObamaCare demonstrated the essence of top-down, dictatorial rule by unseen, unidentified elite. Mussolini would have been equally insolent, but not so daft, as to insist publicly, as Pelosi did, “you must pass this bill to find out what is in it.”

                                                                 The People vs. the Ruling Elite

     Andrew Jackson, the first U. S. president elected by the Democratic Party, spent his two terms in office battling the hidden elite which dominated America even then. Jackson’s victory over the private central bank laid the historical foundation of the Democratic Party’s reputation as champion of working people and ordinary citizens.

     The actions of Pelosi, Reid and Obama dishonored that Jackson’s legacy, as did the actions of Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago and FDR during his four terms. Now ObamaCare will permanently stamp the Democratic Party as mouth-piece for the ruling elite, unless rank-and-file Democrats act now to atone by wiping the slate clean.

                                                                  A Nightmarish Awakening

    Some Democrats, including the Senate manager of the bill, Max Baucus of Montana, now concede ObamaCare is a bureaucratic “train-wreck” in progress. Eyes of important early supporters of the legislation are opening as they see destructive effects take hold.

     Organized labor – the very core of Democratic electoral support in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns – has awakened to nightmarish reality. ObamaCare is already destroying the unions’ hard-earned health care programs, full-time jobs, and the unions themselves.

     Officials of the largest unions have stated those facts clearly in an open letter to Democratic leaders in the Senate and the House. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the United Food & Commercial Workers, the International Laborers Union of North America, the International Union of Operating Engineers, Unite Here!, and others – have declared fervent opposition to implementation of ObamaCare.

    These top union officials put workers’ interests at risk in 2010 by supporting ObamaCare on the premise that increased government power over health care would accrue to unions through their alliance with the Democratic Party. That bargain was, as has become clear, unwise. This awakening by top union leaders almost surely resulted from bottom-up feedback from union members through local union officials, who must deal with reality daily.

     Healthcare benefits, along with pensions, are the hallmarks of labor unions’ appeal to employees to join their ranks. Unions have claimed for the past 60 years that good medical insurance and decent retirement benefits are the essence of the difference between union employment and living as a non-union “scab” worker. Millions of union members are covered by large healthcare plans.

    Union healthcare plans face prospects of imminent demise, but not for some good reason – not even for comparable government benefits at about the same or lower cost. At best, union members will get worse benefits, the same as non-union workers, from a program run by a faceless, cold bureaucracy.

    So far, ObamaCare demands payment of $63 per employee annually from labor-management health plans. What will the union members and their families get for the $63 annually? Nothing. Union health plans will be required to pay for the federal government to take control and put them out of business.

                                                                                             Worst News for Unions

    This is disastrous news for labor unions and their members. But the worst news is this. ObamaCare is fast killing full time employment and, with it, labor unions.  Unions cannot thrive as their members are impoverished. How can labor unions organize and represent workers who are part time or temporary? Workers cannot achieve a living wage for themselves or a family while working part time or temporarily.

    ObamaCare is serving a pivotal role in destroying the hopes of working people for middle class prosperity. Only an elected official who identifies personally with the ruling elite will deny this truth. Those willing to champion the middle class must join together, regardless of party, and act to protect the vital interests of those who cast their votes for you.

    The most recent occasion of such non-partisan action in Congress was in October, 2008, when rank-and-file of both Democratic and Republican parties defied their leaderships and defeated the TARP $700 billion bailout of international banks. That populist victory was short-lived, as elitist leaders of both parties snatched it away by spending even more tax money to buy the necessary votes.

    A similar entreaty made here in November, 2009, to renew the bipartisan revolt by replacing Pelosi as Speaker with bipartisan votes for Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), was met with vilification or silence. This was foreseeable. Elitist leadership of both parties outlaws bipartisan cooperation between backbenchers. Leaderships deplore and punish rebels of their own party.

                                                                               Walking the Walk for Your People

    Rebellion is foolhardy without clear justification and a practical path to success. The first element is self-evident, and the House can be won easily. The Senate is more problematic, due to Majority Leader Reid’s control of access to a floor vote and New York Senator Charles Schumer’s control of Reid on behalf of the ruling elite. This is an obstacle surmountable only by ingenuity and persistence of Democratic senators who see the crisis and confront the challenge.

    Do not remain in lockstep with elitist operatives who produced this social and political debacle called ObamaCare. It makes no more sense for Democratic members of the Senate and House to do so than for top officials of labor unions. Protect your constituents' interests by repealing ObamaCare and by overriding the president's veto. Doing so is both entirely rational and the right thing for Americans. ~